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Hey there! Are you one of those people who had always wanted a quick tool that instantly adds in-game currencies and much more? Well, you’re at the right place!

Here at Hackercheats.com, we create software that is safe, secure and reliable that helps you add virtually unlimited amounts of in-game items and currencies that help you progress through the game faster than ever before. The whole freemium concept of the modern gaming industry made playing a game harder, after you reach a point (the conversion point), where you will be constantly be forced to buy some in-game stuff to progress through the game, it’s all downhill. It’ll be too late by the time you realize how pointless wasting money on in-game stuff really is. You could even buy more games instead of spending money on a game you already have. We always wanted a hack tool that instantly adds all the purchasable in-game stuff, just like you do.


Who We Are

We are a group of 35 developers, security experts and software architects who had always wanted the things you wished for, so we teamed up, worked for several years and came up with a wide variety of algorithms that exploits the vulnerabilities in your favorite game and lets you add virtually unlimited amounts of in-game items and currencies for free. You can read more about us at our page dedicated to this, here.

We know what an average user feels like, our hack tools are made with simplicity in mind, you don’t have to download tons of software and dependencies or have any technical knowledge to use our hack tool. You just need to visit our online hack tool and fill in all the required information and wait for your request to get processed.

We understand that most people find downloading software from unpopular sources sketchy, which is why we created this online version of our hack tools, so that you don’t have to downloading anything. All you need is a compatible device and a web browser such as Chrome!
We already have completely functional hack tools for Roblox, NBA Live Mobile, MovieStarPlanet, FIFA Mobile and many more popular games! We’re also working on a major release that is going to work on about 150 popular games on the market today!


Why HackerCheats?

With HackerCheats.com, you don’t have to worry about your privacy or the security of your gaming account. All the information you enter is encrypted using an advanced AES 256 bit encryption and tunneled to our cloud and is instantly deleted after your request has been served. Our highly effective anti-ban algorithms ensures the safety of your gaming account, our exploits work on the game at a very deep level, which means that the game cannot detect or identify a specific user that added in-game stuff and currencies using our hack tool.

Each of our hack tools has a set of special algorithms that are based on the exploits we’ve found in the games, so if the default exploit didn’t work on the game for some reason, an alternative algorithm automatically kicks in, ensuring maximum effectiveness, this is also the reason why our hack tools don’t stop working even when others do, because 99% of all the other hack tools on the Internet are based on one or two popular exploits, which usually gets patched on a regular security update. But, our exploits are private, and works at a deeper level on the game, making sure that it works every time, all the time, keeping your gaming account safe and secure.


So Get Started!

It’s finally time to enjoy your favorite games to their full potential, unleash your true gaming spirits and surprise your friends with your achievements. We aim to deliver our services to all our users across the globe, absolutely free! Our services and maintenance rely on the income we derive from adverts, which is why we encourage you to share our links to your friends and family and help us stay online!
Unlike other hack tools that you find on the Internet, all our hack tools are rigorously tested before they’re released and we always make sure that our services offer maximum reliability, security and effectiveness. You can always try to reload the online hack tool and re-enter your information, if the hack tool didn’t respond the first time, this usually happens when our servers are busy serving other concurrent users.

Please write to us if you’ve any queries or concerns about our services, and make sure that you check us out often to grab the latest online hack tools for your favorite games!