About Us

Hackercheats.com is created by a group of 35 experienced developers, security analysts, and gaming enthusiasts. We love to game, just like you do! And we exactly know how an average gamer feels like when he has to pay more and more money just to continue progressing through the game without too much struggle, even after paying just to get the game (in some cases). Just like most gamers, we were very annoyed and frustrated by this freemium strategy that destroys the gaming community.

Remember when gaming was all about your skills and intuitiveness? Unfortunately, today’s gaming communities are mostly busy trading coins, in-game items that are expensive, the freemium strategy made gamers create hundreds of virtual markets, which implicitly means that today’s gamers are more concerned about collecting, selling and buying resources and paying for stuff rather than enjoying the game and improving their skills.
We thought that had to change, but we cannot just ask them to change the marketing strategies used by tons of gaming companies which makes them millions of dollars annually. At the end of the day, all we need is just an enjoyable gaming experience that doesn’t stress you out, we have greater things to worry about in our lives.

So, we started researching how the popular games today work at a basic level to find vulnerabilities that help us get virtually unlimited amounts of any purchasable item in a game, whenever we want. Of course, it took us months of research and development to create hack tools that enable us to exploit the game to add unlimited resources to our accounts.

All our services using an advanced AES 256 bit encryption technology to make sure that the information you enter on HackerCheats.com is always secure. We instantly destroy all your entries as soon as you finish your hack and leave our website. All you need is a device that has a web browser and a few minutes to save all your money that you spend on games.

We aim to deliver all our software at HackerCheats.com for absolutely free, as long as we’re online. Our services completely rely on the advertising revenue, so we encourage you to share our website to your friends and family and help keep us live!

Unlike any other hack tools you find on the Internet, we offer an absolutely free, secure, safe, and reliable experience. Our services are online 24 hours a day, throughout the year. We created an online version of our hack tools because our users don’t have to worry about downloading and installing software on their devices (we’re paranoid about downloading from unknown sources as well). On top of that, developing and maintaining a single frontend and backend of our hack tools makes development easy and inexpensive.

You can always click on one of our hack tools on our homepage and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the hack. If you have any additional questions be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions to see if your issue has been addressed yet by our team. Please visit our Contact page and write to us if you’ve got any feedback or concerns about our services.