Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for visiting HackerCheats and showing your interest in our website. We are a fairly new website which you can read about in our About Us page. We understand that there may still be some parts of our website that may be confusing, given that we are expanding all the time and so some of our features are still underdevelopment and not fully finished. Here you can find a combination of our most common inquiries that we get asked through our contact form. We suggest that before you contact us, you read through the questions that we have listed here because there is a chance that your problem may already have an answer.



  • What if I don’t see the game I want to hack or get cheats for?
  • If we don’t have the game that you are interested in hacking on here there is a chance that we don’t have a hack tool for it yet. Considering that our website isn’t fully developed yet we don’t have all the games we want yet and are constantly working to get more. You can also submit your game in our Game Submission page and we will try to include it in our next update!

  • Is it safe to hack?
  • Yes and no. While other websites usually want users to download software to run their programs, we offer an online alternative. It is never safe to download any files from unknown sources and that is something that we kept in mind when developing our tools. Aside from that, we also offer proxy and VPN support for most of our hacks which helps you stay secure by hiding your location and identity. This makes it nearly impossible for any game servers to detect that you are using software.

  • Is this free?
  • Yes our services are always free and we plan to keep it that way. This is made possible thanks to our various sponsors which run advertisements through our networks on occasion.

  • What if my question isn’t answered here?
  • If you don’t see the answer you are looking for here, you can always feel free to contact us by visiting our Contact Us page. There you will be asked to fill out a form to submit and you can expect a reply within 48 hours. Remember to include your e-mail if you want an answer to your question otherwise we will have no way to contact you with our response.