Game Submission

Special Requests for Games

Are you looking for a hack for a game that you can’t find anywhere on our website? You’re in luck because the team here at HackerCheats is working hard everyday to get all of the games that are popular right now in our database. Please let our team know what game it is that you need a hack for and there is a chance that it will be added to the directory soon! If the game isn’t out yet feel free to submit it and we will make it priority to have a working tool just after release. If there is a beta period for the game then we may be able to program a hack early, but it depends on quite a few different variables and the nature of the game itself.

To request a game, please simply write the name of the game, the platform, and also include the features that you would like to see it come with.

For example:

  1. Game: Pokemon Go
  2. Platform: iOS
  3. Hack Features: Pokecoin hack, Pokeball hack, Joystick hack.