Why Use HackerCheats

Millions of people use HackerCheats for their gaming needs, and we strive to get our users the absolute best, the truly effective and most productive hacking algorithms. We are a team of industry leading security experts that continually work on exploring more ways to deliver you the hack tools you ever need!

Why Hackercheats.com?

We offer highly reliable, effective and fast web-based hacking software that allows you to play all your favorite games to their full potential. Unlike most other hack tool developers, we constantly update and maintain our algorithm, adapting to the changes made to the game. Our powerful resource management system ensures that our system is always in a safe state, nearly eliminating all the down times caused by overheads. We constantly work on releasing more web-based hack tools for the popular games on the market, and our web-based hack tools allow you to use the latest of our software without having to download any files or install any dependencies to use our hack tool, so you don’t have to worry about getting infected by malware or adware. You can use your mobile, laptop, tablet or your desktop computer to access our web-based software using your favorite browser.

Security and Safety:

Our powerful anti-ban algorithm works concurrently whenever a user requests for in-game resources, this algorithm ensures the safety of your account every time, so even when the hack tool fails due to an error, it makes sure that your account is intact. This level of protection to your account is offered by encrypting your gaming account information and only decrypting it after taking control over their system. We also wipe all your information from our servers as soon as you navigate away from your website. We offer the safest method to get unlimited amounts of in-game items that you’ll ever need to beat your opponents without ever spending a dime!

Proxy and VPN Settings

Our web-based software is highly effective because it allows our users to use the latest public version whenever they load our website, this means all of our users are always on the latest software, this allows us to offer a great level of security, safety and reliability, as our users are always on the latest public version of our software.

Updates and Support:

You can always write to us at our Contact page if you’ve had any issues using our software, and we’ll respond with a resolution within 1 – 2 business days. Although the in-game items reflect instantly in your account in most cases, sometimes it may take a while for the in-game items to reflect on your gaming account based on a wide range of factors, so please make sure that you’ve waited at least 6 hours before you send us a query.

We directly make all the crucial updates to our backend software, so that our users don’t have to download or wait to use the latest algorithm, this also makes rolling out updates to all the users very fast and secure. We’d love to hear your suggestions and feedback regarding our software, so we can serve you better!